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Information On Partnership

Eskek LLP a partner of Concept 2 in Kazakhstan. The Company was established to popularize and promote Concept 2 products in Kazakhstan, both among professionals and amateurs wishing to pursue a healthy life style.

This web-site belongs to Eskek LLP. The task of the web-site is to familiarize consumers with Concept 2 and its products and make these products assessable to Kazakhs.

The clients wishing to purchase Concept 2 in Kazakhstan can do it through assistance by Eskek LLP.


Concept 2 - 40 Years of History


Rowing Ergometers

These ergometers are the best in its class. A solid design and accuracy provide long exploitation and high performance for each training session. In production Concept 2 always focuses on the top quality with which very single spare part is manufactured. This is why Concept 2 products are standing out in the line of fitness industry products as the most lasting and reliable products of all.


Oars and Sculls

For the last 40 years Concept 2 is manufacturing one of the best oars and sculls for the sport of rowing.
State of the Art technologies and so aim to create and improve oars and sculls to develop maximal speed owing to a more effective transformation of an athlete’s power into a boat’s speed.


Ski Ergometers

Develop your endurance, train your body and enjoy reality of each training session.
The Concept 2 SkiErg recognized as best in its class. SkiErg is a choice for both professionals and amateurs of Nordic skiing.
With Concept 2 SkiErg you train not only all your entire body and but your spirit, too!


Concept 2 RowErg

Concept 2 RowErg Model D became #1 choice for professionals of rowing and crossfiters. Outstanding merits of this Ergometer are highly appraised by numerous athletes among whom there are many Olympic champions.

Aluminum frame with powder coating. Nickel-plated chain
244 х 61 х 36 cm


We will deliver your order to any location in the Republic of Kazakhstan that has a postal address and that is covered by the main Kazakh Shipping Companies.

Term of Delivery

A Term of delivery shall be determined upon confirmation of your order by a manager of our call center. A term of delivery may vary depending on distance and accessibility of the point of delivery of the product in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

2-3 days shall be a term of delivery for the city of Astana, all localities situated in the Akmola Region , for the city of Karaganda and all localities situated in Karaganda Region, for the city of Uralsk and all localities situated in the West Kazakhstan Region.

Terms of delivery for other regions of Kazakhstan may vary depending on a shipping company chosen by a client and a locality that is determined by a client as a point of delivery.

We are constantly improving our delivery services to make it the most friendly to our clients. Still, we are kindly asking our clients to take into consideration a vast territory and complex weather conditions of our Country.

Self-Collection by Client

Address of Self-Collection Point:

23, Baygaziev Street, City of Temirtau, Karaganda Region, M28P5B4 (101402), Republic of Kazakhstan

Shipping Companies

СДЕК КЗ, EMEX, Expert Logistic, Post Express, Pony Express, MILog, DHL.